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4” Polychrome Jasper Flame
4” Polychrome Jasper Flame

4” Polychrome Jasper Flame

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This listing is for one 4” Polychrome Jasper Flame. 

• Polychrome Jasper is strongly connected to the Fire element
• Embodies passion, exuberance, vibrancy, vitality, action and creativity
• Will feed your energy and revitalize your life
• Shows you new paths and helps you discover new approaches that will make you gain what you most desire in your life
• Supports you in finding new relationships that will bring out the best in you
• Attracts new love, a new relationship or new romance
• Inspires you to celebrate the precious gifts of nature in your life
• Helps you begin the cycle of life after suffering a major setback
• Powerful tool in interpreting your dreams
• Brings back magic to your life

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