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50mm Rhodonite Sphere

50mm Rhodonite Sphere

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This listing is for one 50mm Rhodonite Sphere. Each differing slightly in detail. 

• Rhodonite is known as the “Rescue Stone” and one of the most powerful heart chakra stones
• Powerful healing stone for relationships
• Encourages clear communication
• Brings one back to center during stressful times
• Releases self-destructive tendencies, festering resentments and anger and allows one to see both sides of an issue to reach conciliation
• Encourages the love of others and aligning with the spirituality of the universe in order to recognize one’s purpose and how one’s gifts and abilities may be used to effect change on Earth
• Said to help with anxiety, fear and anger with emotions like self-worth, wellbeing and stability

⚔️ Hematite ring included as stand