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70mm Garnet in Astrophyllite
70mm Garnet in Astrophyllite
70mm Garnet in Astrophyllite

70mm Garnet in Astrophyllite

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This listing is for one 70mm Garnet in Astrophyllite Sphere. 

• Garnet is a stone of strong, intense feelings 
• Extracts negative energy from the chakras, and transmutes the energy to a beneficial state
• Provides a protective and calming influence 
• Thought to heal melancholy and depression, strengthen the survival instinct and bring courage and hope into critical situations 
• Balances energy, bringing serenity or passion and can inspire love 
• Lucky stone for love, success and for business relationships
• Astrophyllite is a unique and rare formation of titanium silicate 
• Stone of growth and moving forward on the path of your life
• Fills you with energy and motivation for change
• One of the strongest for developing spiritual and intellectual strength 
• Will enhance your telepathic abilities and your ability to contact other people through psychic means

📸 Front and back shown 
⚔️ Hematite ring included as stand