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8mm Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Bracelet

8mm Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Bracelet

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This listing is for one 8mm Prehnite with Black Tourmaline Bracelet. Each differing slightly in detail. 

• Prehnite is known as the stone of prophecy and is also an earthly stone 
• An excellent stone to use for divination 
• Said to enhance visualization and spiritual “knowing,” aiding in connecting with higher realms 
• Helps induce lucid dreaming and enhances dream recall 
• Encourages acceptance, emotional release, forgiveness and compassion

• Black Tourmaline is a very effective stone at keeping away bad luck and negativity
• Has been used since ancient times for safety and protection
• One of the most effective stones that can heal and protect you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
• Can protect you against accidents, misfortune, sickness and everything that brings negativity or unhappiness
• Also a great grounding stone. Very strongly connected to the root chakra but can help you balance and open all of your chakras
• The negative ions in this stone will encourage clear thinking and light heartedness
• Very powerful karma stone because it absorbs negative energies and psychic attacks directed at you, and then sends them back to the sender
• Protects against electromagnetic radiation that’s harmful for your health